Chimoz 赤毛族 チモ 치모족 Character Image License

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創作者:U&S studio
“Chimoz”, at several licensing shows in Shanghai, Hong Kong and Tokyo. We have licensed the images for use on several products and events, including the Taipei Dadaocheng Street Map, main imagery of Taipei City at 2017 Taichung International Travel Fair and International Travel Fair Taipei 2018, as well as a series of Taiwan holiday merchandises and ceramic products. We are developing a series of merchandises with a stationary manufacturer in Taiwan and licensing opportunities for other events and campaigns.

因為地鐵工程到處都在挖馬路,路上都是一個洞一個洞的。長年住在地底下的赤毛族(Chimoz),是一群光著腳又留有手毛腳毛的精靈,經由這些洞跑到地面上,探索各種有趣的事物。上次赤毛族來到地面上已經是好久以前的事情了,那時到地面上時認識了台灣原住民,因為都有愛護土地的想法,而成為好朋友,連每個赤毛族的名字也是原住名朋友取的呢。赤毛族包含有冒險精神外型像青蛙的達瓜(Tokola),有愛神邱比特的弓箭且長有鹿角的八海(Makapah),嘎麥,太熱心要六隻手才忙得完所有事情的嘎麥(Kamay) ,像發條一直轉呀轉不停工作的百吉(Payci) ,每天想著植物園藝所以頭上長朵花的烏拉(Olah),每天都很早起像獅子般的髮嚕(Falo) ,有鴨子的身形並堅持一定要戴空氣罩避免吸到髒空氣的煩娜(Fana) 。赤毛族光著腳直接親近土地代表愛護世界,留有手毛腳毛保有與生俱來的特徵代表做自己,7 個赤毛族遊歷在每個充滿故事的地方,傳遞許多動人的故事。


Roads are being dug up because of the underground MRT construction. Wherever you go, you can see holes on the ground. For years, the Chimoz, a group of barefooted elves with hairy hands and feet, have dwelled beneath the earth. Now, they came up through these holes and explore all kinds of interesting stuff. It was a long time ago since the last time the Chimoz visited the surface. Back then, they met the aboriginal tribes in Taiwan. Since both groups shared the idea of cherishing and protecting the Earth, they became close friends. The aboriginals even helped name each member of the Chimoz.   There are seven members in the Chimoz family. There’s Tokola, who looks like a frog and loves the adventure; Makapah has antlers on her head and holds the bow and arrow of Cupid; Kamay is always enthusiastic in helping others. That’s why he needs six arms, so he can manage to finish all the tasks; Payci is working all the time. Her mind is winded like clockwork; Olah thinks about his garden every day, so a flower grows on his head; Falo is an early bird. He has the spirit of a lion; Fana looks like a duck. He insists on wearing a protective mask to prevent himself from breathing in polluted air. The Chimoz walk around barefoot, developing a close relationship with the earth. This is how they show their love to the world they live in. They also keep the hairs on their hands and feet because they’re born this way. They aren’t ashamed of being themselves. The seven Chimoz travel to places full of stories and spread their own touching tales as well.

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